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Our specialties include raw powder synthetization, steroid powder conversion, Human growth hormone manufacture and Peptide manufacture.
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Raw Powder Synthetization

Beligas produces its own raw under its GMO certified factory in Shanghai, China. Their head engineer and scientist Boris Labensko leads a supporting staff of fifty Chinese chemical engineers.

Steroid Powder Conversion

Beligas conversion laboratory is base in Beligum where teams of chemical engineers will convert the pure steroid powder from their Chinese factory in to finish steroid product in their GMO certified conversion laboratory in Belgium

HGH and Peptide Laboratory

Beligas human growth hormone and peptide laboratories are based in South Korea and Taiwan. Production has been consistent with quality averaging at 99.99 percent purity for all products.


With its strong financial and operational stability, Beligas support and expedite future biologics development and commercialization in a combined strategy and collectively become one of the most aggressive players in the global biopharmaceutical sector.
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