Anabolic Steroids: How It Makes You Stronger and Its Effects

Are you looking at gaining muscles at a much shorter time? Everyone who has prayed for that know that it can be achieved through anabolic steroid. With an abundance of raw steroid powders in the market, it comes as no surprise that more people are becoming fans of this method. This drug tricks the body into building up muscles and endurance.

Anabolic steroids try to masquerade as the male sex hormone testosterone. This hormone is also an anabolic-androgenic steroid but the steroids that imitate it is just a synthetic version. Anabolic refers to the growth of the muscles and androgenic refers to the male sex characteristics.

How anabolic steroids can make you stronger and buffer?

Steroids are chemical compounds that share a common structure and can come in different types. Anabolic steroids are just one of the many types that have roles to play in enhancing the body.

When taking anabolic steroids, the body breaks it down into molecules that can pass into the cells. The molecules will bind to structures called androgen receptors. The anabolic steroids take on the role of testosterone and since androgen receptors are shaped specifically to bind with the natural testosterone of the body. Anabolic steroids may also bind with the receptors.

Once synthetic steroid is in place, the androgen receptor is activated. Depending on the type of cells the steroids are in, the activation can change different ways, especially during puberty.

Steroid can affect the normal metabolism in two ways which result in greater muscle mass. The moment the androgen receptors are activated, the cells increase their protein production which the body uses to build more cells. During the metabolic cycle, it is known as anabolism, a time when muscles build up to complex ones and store energy. Anabolism is also the time when the body builds up muscles – which is why they are called anabolic steroids. At this time, the cells in the skeletal muscles replicate and grow. Eventually, the person builds up strength and agility.

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