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Is Steroid Rage a Real Thing?

If you’ve heard of the term “roid rage” you must have known that this is one of the believed side-effects of steroid use. With more people enjoying raw steroid powders they can buy very conveniently, it is not surprising that there are a lot more people who are also more aware of this supposed effect. Whenever the term “roid rage” is mentioned, people instantly thinks of a muscular man turning into a psycho.

Well the truth is that roid rage is still to be proven. In case you are still wondering, here are things that you need to understand about roid rage:

What is roid rage?

Roid rage is a situation where the excessive use of anabolic steroid powders supposedly creates a testosterone-driven condition. Although it says “rage” it doesn’t really mean the person goes around angrily destroying everything on its way. The rage could sometimes be seen as the steroids ranging out of control and thereby creating unwanted effects.

Answering the question of what roid rage is doesn’t really yield a definite answer. It can take many forms and can be different in intensity. If you are trying to get one definition, it should be a state where you lose control of your impulses, causing you to become very emotional and mostly aggressive.

Is roid rage real?

One of the things that people still ask is whether roid rage is real or not. The answer? Both yes and no.

Taking steroids messes up with the body’s normal testosterone levels thus, it will really have an effect on your emotions. Testosterone was often linked to aggression thus, knowing it raises the testosterone levels makes people believe that it will also affect one’s aggression levels.

While there are all these talks about the effects of steroids, it doesn’t really mean a person instantly turns into a ranging monster. The point is, while it can affect the testosterone level in the body thereby also making a person a little more aggressive, it does not really turn one into a beast.

If you want to buy raw steroid powder, you are all well. It doesn’t always mean that you will become a roid rage psycho right away. The supposed negative side effects of steroids are actually observable if there is abuse in its usage. Therefore, if you want to enjoy its benefits, make sure to follow your cycle properly.

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