Steroids for Sale: What to Know About Superdrol

Superdrol is an anabolic androgenic steroids for sale that is made in a lab. It is also called methasterone and methyl drostanolone by doctors. At first, the drug was sold as a performance-enhancing supplement and prohormone to attract people in the fitness community. This was different from other steroids for sale, which came to be used as medicine and were called anabolics.

Most people think that Superdrol can make your muscles and strength grow and grow forever. It is a pill that can be taken by mouth and is good for those afraid of syringes and shots.

The constrained drug is bioavailable, making it a good deal for people who want to gain weight. But this illegal drug is bad for your health, liver, and heart.

The derivative of testosterone also makes people stronger and helps them recover from training faster. But when we look at the side effects caused by steroids for sale, we will find that Superdrol is no different. It also causes full-blown health problems and is toxic to the liver.

What does Superdrol do to your body?

Drostanolone has been changed to make Methyldrostanolone, which is the effective steroidal hormone in this substance. In fact, it also includes the methyl group at the second and seventeenth carbon positions.

Superdrol’s effects on bodybuilding are the same as those of any anabolic substance, like steroids for sale or SARMs. It makes testosterone’s effects happen again. Testosterone is a male sex hormone that is known for making anabolism happen.

Superdrol binds to the muscles’ androgen receptors and turns on androgen signaling. This makes protein synthesis go up. The metabolic process helps the body make protein, which in turn helps muscles heal and grow muscle mass.

Superdrol Benefits:

How well these anabolic compounds work has been a long question. This is because the drug can be bought on the black market, in which fakes and watered-down versions of drugs are common.

However, professionals who mainly use the Superdrol cycle say that it is a strong steroid that leads to some impressive gains. These changes usually happen in areas like muscle growth, recovery, and athletic performance.

Superdrol gains are:

Muscle growth:

The steroid is a key component of the growth and growth of muscles, which can add anywhere from 15 to 20 pounds. This is because it stimulates protein production, making it easier to build muscle after hard workouts.

Hyper strength:

Stepping up the strength levels is how Superdrol works for competitive drive and progressive overload. This whole-person approach is similar to how testosterone works, which is mostly for muscle strength and power.

Faster recovery:

One way to gain muscle mass is to put time and effort into hard training. Another way is to help your body recover after a workout. Superdrol is very good at causing muscle recovery, which means trying to rebuild and grow muscle fibers. This happens after hard workouts.

Bigger pumps:

The instinct of a bodybuilder is to chase the pump! And Superdrol is great for getting that puffy look. The steroid makes it easier for muscle cells to take in glycogen, which greatly affects how muscles pump.

Higher vascularity:

The steroid helps with dry improvements and vascularity, which add to men’s attractiveness. Unlike most compounds, it doesn’t aromatize, increase progesterone or estrogen, or change into estrogen. So it doesn’t hurt muscle definition by causing the body to hold on to more water outside of the cells.

Superdrol cycle:

Most of the time, 10 to 20 mg of Superdrol is used to get the best results. Most people make the pattern for four weeks, but some do it for 5–6 weeks.

Some people also choose a stronger dose, such as 30 or even 40 mg at one time. But keep in mind that this steroid is very bad for your health and liver. So, any change in how much or how long it lasts can cause serious harm.

Because Superdrol is strong and works quickly, users can be smart and split the daily cap in half. They can take 10mg of the compound at one time of the day, preferably in the early hours, and another 10mg in the evening. By doing this, they can ensure their serum testosterone isn’t damaged as much and reduce the chances of side effects.

But don’t think Superdrol will be kind to you in any way, even if you follow all the safety rules. Like any AAS, it puts health at risk and needs close supervision during the course. Plus, don’t take any prescription drugs, PEDs, or stack steroids for sale to put less stress on your liver.

Superdrol Side Effects:

Professionals generally don’t recommend that beginners use Superdrol because they can’t handle how dangerous it is. Representatives of the UCLA Olympic Lab say that it is a very dangerous compound that can harm people who use it. Putting aside how strong it is, the damage and toxicity it causes are stronger and happen faster than with other AAS.

Some of Superdrol’s side effects on muscle growth are:

  • Due to the activation of the hepatic lipase enzyme, there is a lack of balance between high-density lipoprotein and LDL.
  • When blood vessels get smaller, blood flow goes up very quickly.
  • The compound breaking down over and over again led to jaundice and liver damage (C-17 alpha-alkylated and methylated)

One of the good things about Superdrol is that it doesn’t change into estrogen. But because estrogen controls cholesterol, this changes the balance of HDL and LDL in the body in a bad way. It also has a rating of 20 for androgenicity. Still, it’s surprising that the steroid also causes more androgenic side effects.

Some of Superdrol’s side effects on male hormones are:

  • Pattern hair loss
  • Prostate enlargement
  • A woman becoming more like men
  • A case of hypogonadism that needs a PCT
  • Low natural testosterone can lead to depression.

Steroids for sale: Superdrol Before and After

Compared to performance-enhancing drugs for mass gainers, cycling Superdrol has already been easier. This is because it was easy to get as a supplement for bodybuilding or a prohormone, not as a steroid.

Now, there are a lot of comments, and most of them are about bulking cycles. For example, a person used 30mg/day for seven days, then switched to 40mg/day for 28 days straight. This gave a 5-week course more strength than its normal limit and length. 

By the end, his muscles had grown a record 22 pounds with only a small amount of fat gain. This is a big change because of muscle hypertrophy, which is what it does best to make the body bigger and stronger.

A user on a low-calorie diet also used the course for four weeks to help them lose weight. His results were also notable. By the third or fourth week, his back was getting bigger and more toned. Even though muscle gains went up by 10 pounds, experts put it at 15 pounds when they considered the 5 pounds of fat lost.

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