Letter from WRH to Beligas.org

Hi ,

I am one of the partners of WRH .Thank you for getting in touch with us. We understand that your colleague may have had a difference of opinion, but we accept your apology. Ultimately, we all share the goal of conducting business . It’s essential to clarify that we have never had any intention of tarnishing anyone’s reputation or brand. We simply received a compelling offer that we couldn’t pass up, viewing it as a valuable business opportunity.

With our extensive experience in this industry, we are aware that manufacturers frequently offer the same product with different packaging and labels. Consequently, we didn’t see any issue with this approach. What intrigued us was the product’s quality, and our random tests consistently revealed a 100% content match. Contrary to the claim that we sell counterfeit goods, some manufacturers even recognize us as authorized resellers on their websites. Furthermore, Beligas is just one of several brands in our portfolio. We take pride in ensuring that none of our products are empty or non-functional. While our Beligas may not be genuine, it excels in terms of content and quality.